"French Freedom"

Founded by Benjamin and Léa, two friends passionate about fashion and graphic design, PUSH UP was born from their desire to release women's confidence through their curves.

One sunny morning, seated at a Parisian terrace, they are captivated by a radiant woman, proud of her sublime curves. Intrigued by her confidence, they wonder: "Why do so many women find it difficult to accept their figure?"

It was at this precise moment that their vision took shape. They create a unique skincare brand, inspired by French freedom, to help women enhance their curves and be proud of their natural beauty.

After months of research and development with cosmetics experts, they are launching PUSH UP, a range of high-end treatments dedicated to the beauty of the buttocks and breasts, using natural ingredients.

The name PUSH UP embodies their mission: to help women elevate their femininity, to stand tall and proud, embracing their authentic beauty.